The strategy-, value- ​​and vision processes

If your company needs to strengthen or develop the overall strategic direction of the organization, then we can implement a successful process in strategy, value ​​and vision, together with the management and board. It may be relevant for the establishment of new business units or in situations where there is a need to revitalize the strategic management basis.

A shared strategic focus of the organization will result in:

  • A clear understanding of the shared business goals (mission)
  • Understanding of the market development
  • An attractive and shared vision for the organization
  • A shared value foundation
  • Prioritizing necessary strategic initiatives

Together we can create energy and commitment through a clear strategic focus

The strategy, value- ​​and vision- processes are management-controlled processes, launched and implemented by the decision makers, i.e. management. They are specific processes where decisions are crafted to establish: what the company stands for, what are its visions and goals, and how does it best achieve its business and organizational goals. The processes may support scenario processes, which illustrate possible future situations of the organization. When the process are completed, the company will have a clear, shared star to be guide them, that everyone in the company should be following. A number of specific actions has be established, in order for make things happen, and “turn words into action”. Experience shows that too often are strategies put in a drawer and forgotten or ignored, rather than be implemented. To avoid this scenario, we guide our client to a successful implantation of the strategy and make sure it gets translated to the rest of the organization. To do this, we advise our clients on how the management team can execute the overall strategies, through organizational change processes. The aim is to optimize the organizational structures, processes and roles with the aim of improving performance.

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Strategi-, værdi- og visionsprocesser

Er der behov for at skærpe eller udvikle den overordnede strategiske styring af organisationen, kan vi gennemføre en strategi-, værdi- og visionsproces sammen med ledelse og bestyrelse. Det kan være aktuelt ved etablering af nye forretningsenheder eller i situationer hvor der er behov for at revitalisere det strategiske styringsgrundlag.

Et fælles strategisk fokus i organisationen bevirker:

  • Et klart forretningsgrundlag (mission)
  • Forståelse for markedsudviklingen (scenariebilleder)
  • En attraktiv og delt vision for organisationen
  • Et fælles værdigrundlag
  • Prioritering af nødvendige strategiske initiativer

Sammen kan vi skabe energi og engagement via et klart strategisk fokus

Strategi-, værdi- og visionprocesser er ledelsestyrede processer, der startes og gennemføres af ledelsen. Det er konkrete processer, hvor der tages beslutninger om, hvad virksomheden står for, dens visioner og mål og hvordan man bedst kan opnå sine forretningsmæssige og organisatoriske mål. Processerne kan eventuelt understøttes af scenarieprocesser, der illustrerer mulige fremtidssituationer for organisationen. Når processerne afsluttes, har virksomheden en klar fælles ledestjerne, som alle skal styre- og lede efter. Der er også etableret en række præcise handlinger, der skal iværksættes for at ”ord kan blive til handling”. Erfaring viser, at strategier alt for ofte forbliver ved papirarbejdet. I arbejdet med at få strategien oversat til resten af organisationen, rådgiver vi vores kunder om, hvordan lederteamet kan eksekvere de overordnede strategier gennem organisatoriske forandringsprocesser. Sigtet er at optimere de organisatoriske strukturer, processer og roller med det formål at forbedre performance.


Jesper Høegh, 4242 2100

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