How an NPS survey can add value to your business

NPS - Net promotoer ScoreYour customers can have a tremendous impact on your success rate and growth rate. It all boils down to their way talking about their experience with you, as a consumer, user and customer. It goes a bit like this:

You probably do it yourself without thinking about it too much about it. You try something, eat somewhere or see something that left you so amazed and with such a positive feeling that you felt guilty if you did not share it. You want others to experience the same good feeling. These customers are called promoters.

And sometimes you experience something so ungratifying and dissatisfying, that it leaves you with a very negative experience. You want to share it so badly, to avoid others from making same mistake. You might even feel obligated to do so. Existing or past customers, who are sharing bad experiences about a company they have, they are called detractors.

These two scenarios are very common, and the reactions are too. Humans tend to put a greater effort to avoid anything negative, than to go the extra mile, for something better. That goes with sharing past experiences, too.

The silent majority

If people, in general, have had a just ok, or somewhat irrelevant experience, it is not newsworthy, so they don’t share it with anyone. Why bother people with triviality? Customers react the same way – if they don’t get excited, amazed or shocked in a positive or negative way, but get just what you expected, no one will hear about. These customers are simply called neutral.

It is crucial for your business’ success to know, whether your customers are sharing, scaring or being silent about your product or service. You need to know who is doing what, so you handle and exploit this knowledge the best way possible. Luckily there are an excellent way to this, called the promotor score.

Doing a promotor score, or a Net Score Promotor survey, simply allows responders to place a number on their satisfaction level. 0 if you are dissatisfied and 10 if you are satisfied. And because the test is simple and very intuitive, it offers a very accurate blueprint of customers opinions. The way the NSP ranks, is as below:

Detractors ranks from 0 to 6
Neutral ranks either 7 or 8
Promoters ranks either 9 or 10.

However, if you, as a company given the blueprint without any explanation or next-step solutions, the knowledge is somewhat, a useless factsheet. You know where something is and wrong, but not what to do about it. But if you implement this knowledge into a well crafted strategy, you are sure to have more success, because human interactions are predictive, when we look at the detractors and promoters. This means you will have the right knowledge to know whether to urge customers to buy more, or show them the door.

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