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Seago Line’s main activities are shipping and effectively move goods through European waters. The competition within shipping has grown immense-ly the past years. Thus, Seago Line needed insight from their existing customers to discover where they were not performing the best they possibly could, in order to deliver best service possible.

Results of the report

High response rate = 32 %
Fast execution of survey, handling data and presentation of results = 4 weeks

Two annual customer satisfaction surveys
gave the needed insight implement processes

As part of a new customer service strategy, Seago Lines initiated an investigation, hoping to get a greater understanding of how happy their customers were with Seago Lines services. In order for Seago Line to be more competitive, they knew they were to up their prioritization of delivering goods on the customer’s premises. In order for Seago Line to know what demands their customers had, and how to comply with these demands, they contacted CapaHouse.

Service in shipping equals value

Competition on volume and prices have been the main focus in the shipping industry for years. This forced Seago Line to think differently. They needed to be able to deliver the best solution possible for the customers. But gathering insights from thousands of customers takes time and know how.

Surveys and reports are in no way new to the industry, but more often than not the results end up in the dust bin instead of being operationalized into real business value. The solutions presented by CapaHouse have a clear focus on stakeholder involvement and differentiated information procedures. That means that insights are delivered at the right time, the right format and in the right language to numerous stakeholders from the board of directors, to the sales and service people and on to the customers themselves.

After the report was finalized, CapaHouse did not just leave the employees to work with the reports themselves. They stayed on board, to ensure that the different initiatives were successfully implemented. The report also gave insight on how to work with customer feedback among Seagos employees, which resulted in several new business opportunities, besides knowing how to better communicate with the customers.

What did CapaHouse do, to deliver a report of high usability?

CapaHouse has mastered to gather customer insights by using NPS (Net Promoter Score) and deliver “only-what-we-need” reports. They didn’t have to purchase any software or other services they didn’t need, which seems to be the standard with other consultancy houses. This would only have complicated the implementation of the change effort and diverted the focus on results to instead risking that the report was put in a drawer, because the findings were too difficult to execute.

“During the entire process, customers can always contact CapaHouse with questions, even though this is normally outside of the category of what we are hired to do” says André Bryde, partner and analytics consultant at CapaHouse. A survey project should never leave the customers with more questions than they had to begin with. In this case we had to be able to receive and reply respondent questions in 15 languages. Which was a challenge, but also a great opportunity to test our own processes and understanding of cross cultural communications.

Seago line is a company focused on intra-European container shipping

  • Independent part of the A.P. Moller – Maersk Group
  • More than 300 employees, controlling 50 ships, which altogether holds approx. 90,000 containers
  • One of the biggest short-sea operators in Europe

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