The backbone of CapaHouse is a true Nordic leadership style with a high degree of interdependence and trust. Capahouse was founded on the concept of participative management. The most important quality for us is to obtain results in corporation with our customers.

We are adaptable to local cultures and needs, as our strengths is a natural empathy hich quickly builds up levelse of trust

Our thinking is characterized by an integrated approach to problem-solving across functions, units and in fact the value chain.

We work in three steeps: “Insight”, Solutions” and “Change” and in co-orporation with management, we create end-to-end solutions across focus areas.

Our goal is to create a notable value by accelerating the creation of results in the company.

Our approach is characertized by listening, observing and asking questions.

We are motivated by strong curiosity within our field and the trends that surround us. Our workplace is where our employees thrive and grown, which mean profound job satisfaction, personal development and a high professional competence.

Our consultants have senior and management-experience from different nation and international companies, such as Capacent, KPMG, Ramboll, Eli Elly, PA Consulting, Accenture etc.